Monday, February 4, 2019

Best Coin magicians of 2019

Best Coin magicians of 2019

When working with the worlds Best Coin magicians we came across someone very special. His name is Stefan Vanel and his story is one you will definitely want to hear. It starts as a young boy in France who is very shy and considered an outcast. Thru the guidance of his father became a world renowned Coin magician.

Best Coin magic trick of 2019 : New Coin Magic from Chaz-Disco Mc Gowan on Vimeo.

Before becoming a professional magician, Vanel tried his hand as a runway model for Armani and attended medical school. But the love of magic prevailed and he took a hiatus from school to enter a magic competition, which he won. Vanel landed his first television show due to a runway performance modeling underwear. He was practicing with a deck of cards while waiting in the wings for his turn on the runway. When his turn came, he had no place to hide his cards and decided to put on a show and manipulate cards as he walked the runway. The crowd response was so overwhelming, that he was offered his own weekly television series: “Fun TV Magic.”

Growing up, Vanel was a huge fan of David Copperfield and was heavily influenced by the illusionist’s television performances. While creating his own stage show, Vanel hired Jonie Spina, David Copperfield’s director and choreographer, who worked with him on performance and effective communication with the audience. He studied acting, dance and singing to further hone his showmanship skills.

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